ØGRO – A Part of Daka

Øgro is a series of Danish fertilizer products and soil improvers produced by Daka Denmark A/S. The fertilizer is based on bone meal and bristle meal, a non ecologic fertilizer approved for organic farming. All products are based on a circular recycling approach in which raw materials and ingredients are handled with the greatest respect and prudence, and where by-products are recycled with consideration for the environment and climate.

All Øgro products are developed in close collaboration with plant breeders, agricultural advisers, researchers, fertilizer producers and industry organizations. An invaluable and absolutely essential collaboration created for the continuous development of relevant products. At the same time, we have ensured that the entire chain from production, sales and logistics is as effective as possible, so that you as a customer get Øgro at the best price. This means, among other things, that we sell Øgro directly to the individual farmer. Simple, fast and efficient.

Basic fertilizer with a high nitrogen content.

A 100% recycled organic fertilizer and soil improver for vereals and rapeseed crops, sugar beets and grass seeds.

High potassium content and many applications.

Particularly suitable for potassium- and sulfur-demanding crops, such as rapeseed and grass.

Pure fertilizer with a high nitrogen content.

14% of highly effective nitrogen and suitable as finalizing fertilizer.

Fertilizer for Christmas trees.

An all-in-one fertilizer for Christmas trees, where you covers the needs of the Christmas tree with only one allocation.


Market Manager

Henrik Stubager

E-Mail: hst@daka.dk
Phone: +45 5156 4709