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A Part of Daka

Øgro is a series of Danish fertilizer products and soil improvers produced by Daka Denmark A/S, which is one the largest recycling companies in Denmark.

Daka receives animal by-products from slaughterhouses, the meat industry and agriculture that are not used for or not suitable for human consumption. Based on veterinarian-controlled parts of slaughtered healthy animals, Daka produces protein-containing feed products for pets, fur animals and fish.

The other animal by-products are processed by Daka primarily for products that are precisely used for Øgro fertilizer and energy purposes, including raw material for the production of biodiesel.

Read more about Daka Denmark A / S here.

Øgro & the Ecolabel

A number of Øgro-products are certified with the EU Ecolabel. The EU Ecolabel is the official environmental label of the European Union. Therefore, you can be sure that when you chose an Øgro-product, you are getting one the the environmentally superior products on the market. All of Øgro’s lifecycle from raw material to our finished product; use, disposal and recycling is a part of the evaluation when the EU Ecolabel requirements for a product is determined. Ecolabelling Denmark carries the responsibility of the EU Ecolabel in Denmark and through documentation and control ensures compliance with the requirements of the EU Ecolabel. Read more about the Ecolabel here

Øgro is an eco-friendly fertilizer product
Øgro is certified with the EU Ecolabel – categorized as a soil improver.

This ensure that Øgro:

  • Supports the recycling of organic materials
  • Limits soil and water contamination 
  • Maintains or improves the soils physical, chemical and biological properties
  • Is free frm unhealthy bacteria and seeds from weeds
  • Contributes to more fertility


Market Manager

Henrik Stubager

Phone: +45 5156 4709