Øgro for Christmas Trees

Øgro is a Danish 100% organic fertilizer and soil improver based on meat and bone meal from recycled recycled raw materials.

Øgro is well suited for fertilizing Christmas trees. Its smooth and gentle nutrient release helps to ensure available nutrients throughout the growth period. In this way, you get a slow and more balanced release of nutrients that help prevent “bare shoulders” or “red needles”. Øgro is metabolized by microorganisms in the soil and therefore also improves the soil’s carbon content.

Øgro is easy to dose, and can therefore be easily combined with other organic or mineral fertilizers. The fertilizer can advantageously be used alone or as part of the basic fertilizer. Øgro can also be used for color fertilization, as it has no abrasive effect, which provides a large window for allocation. Christmas tree production requires a dedicated effort for many years before you have a ready-to-sell Christmas tree.

The road there requires craftsmanship and experience to care for the trees in the right way. The allocation of fertilizer is an art in itself, where the timing and combination of fertilizers in the spring is crucial to how the tree copes during the growing season. Availability and an even release of nutrients are essential to keep the trees healthy. Kurt Karlsen from Lemming north of Silkeborg, has been producing Christmas trees for more than 10 years and has 50 hectares of Christmas trees with Norway spruce.

In addition, he is also responsible for fertilizing and caring for other Christmas tree producers’ areas. Kurt has good experience of applying organic and mineral fertilizers in the early spring.

Kurt Karlsen from Lemming

“Over the past 10 years, more and more people have taken up the organic fertilizer. It makes good sense because it makes it possible to create an even and more natural uptake of the nutrients in the Christmas trees,” says Kurt Karlsen.

When combining organic fertilizer with mineral fertilizer, there are several different choices. Øgro, which is based on meat and bone meal, is one of those that with its 4mm pellets is easy to spread with existing material. Øgro has in recent years been used and tested in many different crops, including Christmas trees.

The effect as a basic fertilizer in the spring seems to give a good effect, which can help keep the trees healthy and green. Kurt Karlsen says “I have used Øgro for 3 years and use in sales trees 50 kg N per. ha Øgro 10-3-1 together with 30 kg N per. have mineral fertilizer with kieselguhr. In this way, I ensure both a good availability of nutrients throughout the growth period and a satisfactory magnesium level. It gives healthy green Christmas trees and very few cases of bare shoulders and red needles ”.

Øgro is more expensive than mineral fertilizer, but offers some benefits that are worth the investment.

Øgro is a Danish and 100% organic fertilizer that is easy to dose and combine with other types of fertilizer. The leaching of organic fertilizer is low, which is especially an advantage on sandy soils.

The organic origin also ensures that burns are avoided. Øgro is also approved as an appendix 1 product for use in organic farming.