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Øgro Product Overview

Øgro is the most concentrated and highly effective organic fertilizer, when it comes to macronutrient, nitrogen, phosphorus and calium. 

Basic fertilizer with a high nitrogen content.

A 100% recycled organic fertilizer and soil improver for vereals and rapeseed crops, sugar beets and grass seeds.

High potassium content and many applications.

Particularly suitable for potassium- and sulfur-demanding crops, such as rapeseed and grass.

Pure fertilizer with a high nitrogen content.

14% of highly effective nitrogen and suitable as finalizing fertilizer.

Fertilizer for Christmas trees.

An all-in-one fertilizer for Christmas trees, where you covers the needs of the Christmas tree with only one allocation.

Suitable for fruits and vegetables.

100% recycled organic fertilizer and soil improver based on meat meal and vinasse.


Contributes to a better soil physical properties, on most soil types with better humidity and workability.

Produced using a composting technique.

Contributes to an easily cultivable, healthy and vibrant tillage land.

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Market Manager

Henrik Stubager

Phone: +45 5156 4709