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Komeco - Biokorrels (Bio Fertilizer)

Komeco Biokorrels (Bio fertilizer) is an Organic fertilizer that is 100% based on composted chicken manure from MUST-Certified organic poultry herds in the Netherlands.

The organic material in Komeco Biokorrels contributes to better soil physical properties, on most soil types, with better airiness and workability. The pore volume of the soil increases and the pill can absorb up to three times its own weight. At the same time, air exchange and the ability to drain into the soil increase. Komeco Biokorrels promotes a rich soil life that can release a balanced ratio of the macronutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium etc., but the richer soil life also makes more difficult soil-bound micronutrients and trace elements available as the plant grows. The overall effect allows the crop to take root deeper and become more healthy and robust to climatic fluctuations.

Also note that the fertilizer is a natural product. Therefore, the nutrient content may differ by up to 10%.

Information about Komeco Biokorrels

In General


Composted chicken manure

Pill Size:Ø 5-6 mm
Density:700-750 kg/m3


                       The Netherlands 
Packaging:                                    Big bag (500, 1.000 and 1.250 kg 
Safety data sheet: Contact us here 
Product data sheet:Contact us here 
Average content
Dry material                                                                                              88,00%
Organic material60,00%

Humic acid

Fulvic acid10,00%
pH (10% dissolution)6,4
C/N org9
Nitrogen [N-total]4,50%
Nitrogen [Organic]3,10%
Nitrogen [Ammonium]0,40%
Phosphor [P]1,54%
Potassium [K]2,49%
Magnesium [Mg]0,78%
Calcium [Ca]5,60%
Sulphur [S]1,30%
Mirco Nutrients
Iron [Fe]                                                                                      1.000 mg/kg
Manganese [Mn]500 mg/kg
Zink [Zn]420 mg/kg
Cobber [Cu]105 mg/kg
Boron (B)50 mg/kg
Molybdenum (Mo)11 mg/kg
Cobolt (Co)2 mg/kg