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Komeco Fertisol

FERTISOL from Komeco, is an organic fertilizer that contributes to an easily cultivable, healthy and vibrant arable land. The composted organic fertilizer pellets contain a high percentage of organic material, have a high water storage capacity and are completely free of weeds.

FERTISOL is 100% natural, has an average N-P-K of 4-1-2 and contains 62% organic matter. The organic fertilizer contains 0.8% magnesium, 5.6% calcium, various trace elements, humic acid and fulvic acid. The organic matter in FERTISOL naturally provides an airy soil structure, where crops can be rooted deeper and the soil's ability to retain water and nutrients is increased. This means that nutrient leaching and erosion are reduced while achieving improved fertility.

FERTISOL is an organic fertilizer produced using a composting technique that promotes a rich micro-life in the soil, which competes well against disease-causing bacteria, fungi and nematodes in the soil and supports plant growth. FERTISOL effectively contributes to organic matter buildup and can therefore be considered both a source of fertilizer and as a capital saving in the soil, which increases the return on your efforts now, in the future with limitation of damage from extreme rainfall conditions.

Also note that FERTISOL is a natural product. Therefore, the nutrient content may differ by up to 10%.

Information om Komeco Fertisol

In General


                  Chicken manure
Pill size:Ø 5-6 mm
Density:700-750 kg/m3


                       The Netherlands 
Packaging:                                    Big bag (500, 1.000 and 1.250 kg 
Safety data sheet: Contact us here 
Safety data sheet:Contact us here 
Average Content
Dry material                                         88,00%
Organic material62,00%
Humic acid5,00%
Fulvic acid10,00%
pH (10% dissolution)7
C/N org9
Nitrogen [N-total]4,00%
Nitrogen [Organisk]3,60%
Nitrogen [Ammonium]0,40%
Phosphor [P]1,30%
Potassium [K]2,49%
Magnesium [Mg]0,78%
Calcium [Ca]5,60%
Sulphur [S]0,50%
Natrium [Na]0,37%
Chlorid [Cl]0,50%
Micro Nutrients
Iron [Fe]                                                                                      1.000 mg/kg
Manganese [Mn]500 mg/kg
Zink [Zn]420 mg/kg
Cobber [Cu]105 mg/kg
Boron (B)50 mg/kg
Molybdenum (Mo)11 mg/kg
Cobolt (Co)2 mg/kg