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Øgro 10-3-1: Basis Fertilizer with High Content of Nitrogen


corn, rapeseed, seeds of grass, vegetables.

Øgro is a 100 % recycled organic fertilizer and soil improver for corn and rapeseed, as well as sugar beet and seeds of grass.

In rotation of crops with a normal potassium content Øgro 10-3-1 can be applied alone for corn in the Spring or in combination with fertilizer from domestic animals. In spring-sown cereals it is recommended to place the fertilizer in addition with sowing as the only fertilizer. In addition to the sowing, the allocation of the crop will get its best possible startup and leave a greater window for optimal delivery of fertilizer from domestic animals with hoses in the growing crops.

The fertilizer contents a total of 10 N, whereof approx. a tenth as NH4+- N. The organic nitrogen is bound in light negotiable proteins, and is therefore expected to have a high efficiency.

Øgro 10-3-1 is produced in a new and improved pill with less sawdust and can both combi sowing and broadcasting using standard equipment. Combined sowing increases the effect of both N and P, contemporary with an advantage of growth towards weed.

Standard combi equipment can sow 500 kg/ha, some up to 950 kg/ha, corresponding to a delivery of 50-95 kg total N, with a 15-29 kg phosphorus, 5-10 kg patassium per hectar, as well as a wide spectrum of micronutrients.


Øgro 10-3-1 Contains category 2 biproducts, cf. The EU decree 1069/2009 and the DK declaration 302/11. Certain rules apply:

  • Must not be applied as forage
  • Apply on the field at least 21 days before harvest or start time for flexure.
  • By farmers with registered production of domestic animals it must be handled as a OGJ product and therefore be registered as OGJ in

In addition to the above-mentioned demands, different kinds of quality agreements for different crops, stipulate to application of fertilizer. We therefore recommend that you confer with your local agriculturalist before application or before contacting the Øgro sales consultant.

Please note that Øgro 10-3-1 is also natural product. Therefore, the nutritional content might differ up to 10%.

Information about Øgro 10-3-1

In General


95% meat and bone meal - Cat. 2
5% calckpills

Pill Size:

 Ø 4 mm

Density:760 kg/m3


          Corn, seeds of grass, rapeseed,
vegetables and more

Ash % of TS: 18
Packaging:Big bag
Safety data sheet: Contact us here
Product data sheet:Contact us here
Macro Nutrients

Nitrogen [N]

10,0% (C/N relation 4,5)

Phosphourus [P]


Potassium [K]


Calcium [Ca]


Magnesium [Mg]                                                     


Sulphur [S]


Micro Nutrients

Boron [B]

 22 mg/kg

Cobber [Cu] 

<10 mg/kg

Iron [Fe]

                 840 mg/kg  

Manganese [Mn]                                                          

23 mg/kg

Zink [Zn]

110 mg/kg