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Øgro Granulat: Particularly Suitable for Fruits and Vegetables


Corn, rapeseed, seed grass, vegetables, berry crops.

Øgro Granulat is a 100% recycled organic fertilizer and soil improver based on meat bone meal and vinasse.

The fertilizer is especially suitable for potassium- and sulphur-demanding crops, such as rapeseed and grass. The ratio of sulphur to nitrogen is important for the nuclear embedding in grains, as sulphur is included in the essential amino acids, methionine and cysteine, as well as a number of enzymes and vitamins.

The phosphorus content is easily absorbed with an effect similar to that in livestock manure. Potassium is found mainly as potassium sulphate, and unlike potassium chloride, it is suitable in chlorine-sensitive crops, such as certain vegetable crops, potatoes and Christmas tree crops. Øgro Granulat is therefore the right choice for a large number of crops, for example for starting up the rapeseed in the autumn, to ensure a good establishment of the crop and thus a good wintering ability.

The fertilizer is a good choice on sandy soils, where sulphur deficiency is most widespread and where experience shows sulphur deficiency. In sugar beets, the NPK ratio fits very well, and even though the crop does not require sulphur, you can not damage the crop by over-fertilizing with sulfur. In maize, the readily available phosphorus crop benefits, as the root system of maize develops slowly under cool conditions.

Phosphorus is relatively immobile in the soil, and the crop easily enters a phosphorus deficit until the temperature is more "corn-friendly". On grasslands where cutting in the crop is not an option, it is advantageous to use the fertilizer in a granular form that easily falls to the bottom of the crop and dissolves more quickly and is made available to the plants.


Øgro Granulate Contains animal category 2 by-products, cf. EU regulation 1069/2009 and DK executive order 302/11. Certain rules for use apply here:

  • Do not use for feed.
  • Apply to the field no later than 21 days before harvest or start time for folding.
  • Must be handled as an OGJ product for farmers with registered livestock production and must thus be registered as OGJ in

In addition to the mentioned requirements, there are different quality schemes for different crops that set requirements for the use of fertilizer. Therefore, we recommend that you consult with your local plant breeding consultant before using or contact Øgro sales consultant.

Also note that Øgro Granulat is a natural product. Therefore, the nutrient content may differ by up to 10%.

Information about Øgro Granulat

In General


Meat and bone meal + vinasse - Cat. 2

Pill size:

 Ø < 1 mm

Desnity:685 kg/m3 


Corn, seed grass, rapeseed, vegetables, berry crops

Ash % of TS: 31 
Packaging:Big bag + 20 kg bag 
Safety data sheet: Contact us here 
Product data sheet:Contact us here 
Macro Nutrients

Nitrogen [N]

      8,8% (C/N forhold 4,5)

Phosphours [P]


Potassium [K]


Calcium [Ca]


Magnesium [Mg]                                                     


Sulphur [S]


Micro Nutrients
Boron [B] 22 mg/kg

Cobber [Cu] 

<10 mg/kg

Iron [Fe]

                     1700 mg/kg  

Manganese [Mn]                                                          

26 mg/kg

Zink [Zn]

105 mg/kg