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ØgroAmino: Fertilizer for Greenhouses


Vegetables and greenhouses.

ØgroAmino is 100% recycled organic fertilizer based on category 3 sidestreams from slaughterhouses for use in fertilizer irrigation systems. The fertilizer contains 13% total N, of which approx. 7% as NH4 + - N. The organic nitrogen is bound in easily metabolizable proteins and therefore a high efficiency can be expected.

ØgroAmino is a spray-dried powder that is easily suspended in water for dilution via drip irrigation, seepage hoses and ebb river systems.


Øgro Amino ontains category 2 biproducts, jf. cf. The EU decree 1069/2009 and the DK declaration 302/11. Certain rules apply:

  • Must not be applied as forage
  • Apply on the field at least 21 days before harvest or start time for flexure.
  • By farmers with registered production of domestic animals it must be handled as a OGJ product and therefore be registered as OGJ in

In addition to the above-mentioned demands, different kinds of quality agreements for different crops, stipulate to application of fertilizer. We therefore recommend that you confer with your local agriculturalist before application or before contacting the Øgro sales consultant.

Please note that Øgro Amino is also natural product. Therefore, the nutritional content might differ up to 10%.

Information about ØgroAmino

In General


                    100% animal sidestreams - Categori 3


Vegetables and greenhouses 
Ash % of TS: 5 
Packaging:Small bags of 15 kg (Pallets585 kg) 
Safety data sheet: Contact us here 
Product data sheet:Contact us here 
 Category 3 biproduct down classified to category 2
in the production of pills. See more in remarks.
Macro Nutrients

Nitrogen [N]


Phosphorus [P]


Potassium [K]


Calcium [Ca]


Magnesium [Mg]                                                     

550 mg/kg

Sulphur [S]


Chlorid [Cl]1%
Micro Nutrients
Boron [B] 2 mg/kg

Cobber [Cu] 

<2,5 mg/kg

Iron [Fe]

                     270 mg/kg  

Manganese [Mn]                                                          

6 mg/kg

Zink [Zn]

25 mg/kg