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ØgroTree 11-2-4 + 3,3Mg og 3,9S: Semi-organic Fertilizer


Christmas Trees and forestry etc.

ØgroTree is an all-in-one and all-around fertilizer for Christmas Trees, where only 1 allocation covers the needs of the Christmas Trees. ØgroTree do not contain sulphuric, ammonia and urea based on nitrogen, and it is therefore allowed to use this fertilizer all year round.

The fertilizer contains 11 % of total N. 49 % of the nitrogen is to be found as organic nitrogen, while  the rest of the nitrogen come from mineral fertilizer.



ØgroTree contains category 2 biproducts, jf. cf. The EU decree 1069/2009 and the DK declaration 302/11. Certain rules apply:

  • Must not be applied as forage 
  • Apply on the field at least 21 days before harvest or start time for flexure.

Please note that ØgroTree is also natural product. Therefore, the nutritional content might differ up to 10%.

Information about ØgroTree

In General


Meat and bone meal - Cat. 2

Pill Size:

 Ø 4 mm

Density:940 kg/m3 


Christmas Trees and forestry etc. 
Packaging:Big bag of 750 kg 
Safety data sheet: Contact us here 
Product data sheet:Contact us here 
Macro Nutrients

Nitrogen [N]

 11,0% (C/N relation 2,4)

Phosphorus [P]


Potassium [K]


Calcium [Ca]


Magnesium [Mg]                                                     


Sulphur [S]


Micro Nutrients
Boron [B] 10 mg/kg

Cobber [Cu] 

9 mg/kg

Iron [Fe]

                        780 mg/kg

Manganese [Mn]                                                          

20 mg/kg

Zink [Zn]

75 mg/kg