Organic & Recycled Fertilizer

Øgro is a part of Daka Denmark A/S.

As one of largest recycling companies in Denmark, Daka’s business areas specialize in the collection, safe handling and recycling of by-products from agriculture and the food industry for the production of sustainable quality products within feed ingredients, organic fertilizers and renewable energy products such as biofuels and biodiesel.

Øgro is thus a central part of Daka Denmark’s circular mindset of giving back nature’s resources.

Øgro is a 100% organic and recycled fertilizer product, produced from animal by-products from slaughterhouses, the meat industry and agriculture.

In Daka Denmarks sustainability reports, you will also find more information about where all Øgro’s products are based on a circular way of thinking.

Daka Denmarks Sustainability Report for 2020

Daka Denmarks Sustainability Report for 2021

Konkret bæredygtighed

One Pig becomes 17 kg of Øgro

Sustainability fills more and more in people's consciousness. Therefore, in the future there will be greater focus on product recycling in general. Dead animals contain valuable nutrients, and recycling them is a good example of how residual streams can be used and contribute positively to the circulation. For example, a well-grown pig weighs 80 kg to 17 kg Øgro and 20 liters of biodiesel.